UNBELIEVABLE!! Married Woman Causes Traffic As Two Lovers Fight Over Her In Broad Day Light (Video below)

UNBELIEVABLE!! Married Woman Causes Traffic As Two Lovers Fight Over Her In Broad Day Light (Video below)
UNBELIEVABLE!! Married Woman Causes Traffic As Two Lovers Fight Over Her In Broad Day Light (Video below)

Wonder they say shall never end has two grown men were spotted fighting over a married woman in broad day light.

Reports say one of the men who is a lover of the married woman spotted her with another man and therefore decided to fight for what belongs to him.

The fight which left one of the men nursing a axe wound happened at the woman’s matrimonial home.

The incident, which happened in Morningside, Marondera, occurred at the married woman’s home.

The first lover of the woman, identified as Mupostori, attacked the two with an axe after he caught them leaving the bedroom in each other’s arms.

According to Mupostori, a transport operator “I have been in an illicit affair with Caroline for some time and had it not been that she is legally married to Bright, I could have paid lobola for her,” said Mupositori.

“On Saturday night I discovered that Caroline was avoiding me with the intention to see another man who is based in Harare.

“I tracked her until she met the guy and got into his Ford Ranger and drove to her house. Out of anger, I armed myself with an axe and waited outside Caroline’s house until they came out care_ssing each other.

“I disappeared from the scene and later decided to wait for them to lodge a police report against me at the police station, but they never came.

“Since the man is based in Harare and married, I am sure they decided to let the case go unreported and visited private doctors for treatment.

“Caroline and myself have been living like husband and wife since her husband is based in UK and I am sure she was se_x-starved.

“Out of anger, I posted my nud_e photographs with Caroline on social media to express my pain over her decision to cheat on me with the Harare man.

“Caroline enjoyed quality time with me that she never saw the dangers of posing for nud_e photographs asi ndakarwadziwa mudhara,” said Mupositori.

When contacted for her side of the story , Caroline refused to talk about the incident saying “I have no comment right now. Ndati handina chekutaura pazviri,” she said before hanging up.

However her husband said “To be honest with you, my marriage to Caroline is for the eyes of the community, but mentally I have rubbed her off because of her character,” said Matazu.

“This is not the first time to hear that men are fighting over my wife and I am worried about my daughter who is witnessing such behaviour.

“I had the intention of taking my wife and my daughter to UK when I came to Zimbabwe, but I was emotionally affected on my first night there because of several men’s calls to my wife during the night.

“I do not want to believe that she was s*x starved because I stay in the UK, but Caroline is too loose that she can give the forbidden fruit to anyone from what I have discovered.

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