#LekkiShooting: Witness Plays Video That Claims Army Shot At #EndSARS Protester

#LekkiShooting: Witness Plays Video That Claims Army Shot At #EndSARS Protester
#LekkiShooting: Witness Plays Video That Claims Army Shot At #EndSARS Protester

The Lagos State judicial panel on SARS and other related offences resumed sitting on Saturday with the continuation of the testimony of an EndSARs co-ordinator, Serah Ibrahim.

Serah came along with several videos, some of which she said she shot personally with her iPhone.

She played the videos ne after the other, which according to her demonstrates that soldiers shot at peaceful protesters on the night of October 20, 2020.

She specifically mentioned that one of the active protesters, Lekan Sanusi was thought to be dead and the soldiers took away his body.

She later found out that he was taken to MRS Hospital at Bonny camp where an unidentified nurse helped him to escape.

Serah also played videos of some persons who suffered gunshot wounds from bullets allegedly shot by the military with protesters surrounding them and trying to tend to their wounds.

When asked if she could authenticate the videos as to the time they were taken and the location, she mentioned that anyone could do this using Google Drive and she proceeded to demonstrate how it could be done.

The videos of two mothers who claimed to have lost their children at the protest ground were also played.

The videos were contained in the flash drive Serah Ibrahim tendered at the last sitting of the panel.

Serah is expected to continue her testimony on May 15.



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