9-year-old boy finds $5000 (N2m) in second hand car his dad bought

9-year-old boy finds $5000 (N2m) in second hand car his dad bought
9-year-old boy finds $5000 (N2m) in second hand car his dad bought

A 9-year-old boy identified as Landon Melvin, has been handsomely rewarded after returning a sizable sum of money he found in the fairly used car his dad bought.

He had been cleaning his dad’s car as part of his regular chore when he looked under the floorboard and saw a brown enveloped package.

That discovery marked the beginning of some great news to come his way soon.

When he informed his father Michael about the find, the man brushed it aside without much thought.

Landon said: “I was cleaning my dad’s car when I looked under the floorboard and I found a package. I told my dad and he said, ‘whatever’.”

His father explained that he thought the envelope contained someone’s paperwork which was not anything he wanted to follow up on.

For some reason, Landon was convinced the envelope was important so he imposed it on his adamant father.

It is only when he took interest in the envelope that it occurred to Michael his son had found a stash of money.

“I look at him and run inside. I go upstairs. I start calling my wife, ‘Hey, babe, you got to check this out!’” And that’s when we dump it on the bed and money falls over the bed,” Michael said in an interview.

The family had acquired a second hand Chevrolet Suburban in September 2020, unaware that under the floorboard was $5000 (N2million).

WRTV reports that when Melvin saw just how much money he had found, he insisted that they call the owners and give it back.

The boy said: “It never crossed my mind. I immediately thought, ‘Who does this belong to?’”

Upon contacting the family which owned the car before them, they offered him $1000 (N400k) as a reward for his kind gesture.

The father added: “We went back out and checked all the rest of the floor mats. What else is hidden in these vehicles? I will check.”

The 9-year-old is yet to decide what he will do with his reward, but he reiterated that he is still thinking of whatever he will purchase.



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