My ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’ Boyfriend Has Used My Panties, I Can’t Stop Doing This- Lady Cry Out (Details below)

My ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’ Boyfriend Has Used My Panties, I Can’t Stop Doing This- Lady Cry Out (Details below)
My ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’ Boyfriend Has Used My Panties, I Can’t Stop Doing This- Lady Cry Out (Details below)

Well down to my story. I am a very beautiful and light-skinned lady who is in her late twenties. I met this very successful young man at a nightclub in Ikeja, Lagos earlier this year. From the moment he set his eyes on me, he spent money as he picked it on the ground. There is nothing I want that he doesn’t give me. At some point, he went as far as telling me to stop work that he didn’t want me to do anything. He lied to me that he is into import and export, but I found out on my own that he is an internet fraudster like Hushpuppi, Woodberry and others.

On the 1st of September, I noticed two of my panties went missing when he visited his place to spend the weekend. One black lingerie and another white one. I drew his attention to it and he claimed ignorance. He turned that same day with two dozens of panties. I thanked him and moved on. Since that day, I think my life changed for the worse. My appetite for sex has increased by 100 percent. I can sleep with anybody that comes my way. Funny enough, he has dumped me for reasons unknown.

I slept with four of my neighbours until I was disgraced out of the house by their wives. I had to move to a new area. Even in my new street, I have been sharing my body amongst all the available men that come my way. The worst is that I have also been sleeping with those dirty Aboki guys that do odd jobs for me. When I am in the mood, a baby boy isn’t safe around me. Three days ago, I almost raped a carpenter that was at my place. He had to flee without his shirt. I wanted to sleep with him at all costs.

My friend linked with me with a strong pastor for the sake of helping me. He told me my boyfriend used my panties to make money and anybody I sleep with will be in danger of not prospering in his life. As I am talking to you, I have slept with two of his sons including his personal assistant. I am still eyeing him but he is vigilant.

My life is ruined. Where do I start? I want to advise all ye lazy ladies travelling from Lagos to Port Harcourt and Abuja to trade sex for money. Most of these rich guys are ritualists. Don’t let them destroy your precious life as they have done to me.

Right now, I am moving out of this new house again as my gist is spreading. I am considering going to the North for a while. I need help. I hope you More Tribers will learn from my story.



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