The Businessman Who Paid Ada Jesus’ Medical Bills, Read What He Said Is The Secret Of His Success (Details below)

The Businessman Who Paid Ada Jesus’ Medical Bills, Read What He Said Is The Secret Of His Success (Details below)
The Businessman Who Paid Ada Jesus’ Medical Bills, Read What He Said Is The Secret Of His Success (Details below)

Every great man in life once had a little beginning, for some the period of ‘ test’ lasts long, while for others it is short lived after God must have decided to open their doors. It is very bad for a man to despise the days of his little beginning as this is a compulsory stage in life that prepares men to be great and conquer grounds.

Does a man rise to stardom without testing life in the hard way? the answer is NO! and this is evident in the life of Marksman Chibedu Ijiomah, the philanthropist who gave Ada Jesus the sum of N2M (N2, 000, 000) to treat her illness. The Igbo businessman who is the President and Chairman of Chinmark Group took to his Facebook page to do a live video in order to entertain questions from his Facebook followers and those who are interested in working in his investment or willing to invest.

It was a question and answer segment and some Facebook users asked him how he was able to cope what if he was riding bike to make ends meet. Replying to the question, Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah, also known as RedKing told them that it was just a phase of his life which prepared him for greater things ahead. He also added that while he was in School studying Structural Engineering, he was doing bricklaying work also to survive so as to get money for feeding, and to run other expenses.

The RedKing was asked the secret of his success by a Facebook user and he told him that it is basically integrity and transparency. He went on further to say that these two element have made him to have a client base who trusts him so much to the point that they can invest their money in his business or give him contract without fear of him going with their money.

Mr Marksman said that his show of integrity and transparency have made him excel in his construction and real estate business as people have come to realize that he is a man of his words. This is evident in what he did do Ada Jesus recently as he fulfilled his promise two days after he indicated interest to assist her.

He also said that another secret of his success is ‘ Honor’ as he urged everyone that wants to succeed to make Honor an integral part of their life. He revealed that he does not sit to answer the call of anyone greater than him and that whenever he sees their call, he stands up, greet them before talking to them, including his spiritual father.

He called on Nigerians to employ integrity, honor and transparency in anything they do so as to climb the ladder of success. The only set of people who are blessed after things like this is revealed are the hearers and the doers and not the hearers.

When great men like this gives some revelation, it is expedient we emulate what they did so that we can become great. I love Marksman and I will continue to love him due to the fact that he blesses and helps people at all times.



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