If You Enter A Church Room And Noticed These 5 Things, Kindly Run For Your Life (Details below)

If You Enter A Church Room And Noticed These 5 Things, Kindly Run For Your Life (Details below)
If You Enter A Church Room And Noticed These 5 Things, Kindly Run For Your Life (Details below)

As Christians, we should know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as the palm of our hand and talk to Him often, Christianity is a journey that requires Christians to know to do their best to reach gold.

Long ago the world has changed and Christianity has gone downhill, people have long forgotten the teachings of the Lord and pursued the things of the world. It is time for Christians to return to the board to see where things are going wrong.

The Bible long ago tells us about the end of the world and what to expect when the time comes, many things are happening in our churches right now that predict the end time but many find it difficult to see and believe.

Therefore, according to the text, I will share with you in this article the great things you should be aware of that show the signs of the end time whenever you go to any church.

1. Endless Miracles

Our churches in this generation tend to perform miracles for the benefit of their members. Churches tend to understand the mind of their members and what they want, so they do their best to give it to them.

We have heard reports of some pastors going to other spiritual houses to gain power over others to perform miracles so their members will see and believe in them more, most such miracles are always bad, always give a bad result, or someone pays after a miracle in the worst case scenario.

2. Fleet Of Cars

It must be a church of God and not a business center, when you walk into a church and see the feet of cars parked outside the church, please think again and work your life, because that is not normal.

You wonder how the members were able to access this wealth and be able to afford such luxury. As I said before, most Christians are lost and looking for the things of the world, riches can be what they get in the church from sources other than God, so you need to be careful.

3. Donation Centers

For any church that cares about tithing, you need to be careful and run for your life. Most of these churches are committed to business, discouraging financial support and others to enrich themselves. Any church that is Christ- centered should put salvation first.

4. The Spectacular Life of a Pastor

Most of the pastors in these churches live luxurious lives, showing wealth anyway, these kinds of pastors are proud, which is not the responsibility of the king, and therefore should not come from a man of God.

These pastors often forget that Jesus is their root and they should always return to Him, feel the world in their hands and should do as they please.

5. Pastors With Body Guards

Any church you go to and see a man of God or a pastor walking with a bodyguard, my dear, please flee for your life. There was no way that a man of God needed protection from the people of the land.

In all the work of Jesus on earth, never, never has he been accompanied by bodyguards, the Holy Spirit should be the guide and protector of anyone who believes in God and not other mortal men.

The last time has come, and in itself, please keep yourself holy as the king is coming soon, do not fail him now after standing for so long.



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